About Us




We pride ourselves in our professional approach to all treatments.   Corns are painlessly removed and thick nails reduced so as to be comfortable.  Having treated ingrowing toenails our aim is to prevent re-occurance.

Treatments include:

before Hard & Thick Nails
Hard Skin
Cracked Heels
Fungal Nails
Ingrown Toenails
Verruca Management
Diabetic Foot Care
Toenail Trimming
General Foot Healthcare

after We take Diabetic foot health very seriously.  All our foot care practitioners are qualified to treat clients with Diabetes.

Our Treatments are covered by Health Care Insurers

We are registered and regulated by the HCPC governing body

An appointment is for half an hour and costs £29.50

Please note:  All missed appointments will incur a charge of £10.00

Gift Vouchers for all products and treatments are available.

If you require further information please call Natalie who will always be pleased to help.